factory directly in stock  hydraulic winch  KHD-8

factory directly in stock hydraulic winch KHD-8

Smooth running over the entire speed range. Highly efficient, constant operating torque motor. Rotating ring gear freespooling clutch is a pull and turn design for rapid wire rope payout. Freespooling. Power in/out. Mechanical lock. Stainless steel tie bars . Reversible mounting. Variable speed hydraulic winch.

Model: KHD-8

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Product Description

Line pull:605kgs/1,333lbs(HIGH) 3,629kgs/8,000lbs(LOW)
Operation Pressure: 175bar/2537psi
Max Oil Flow: 15.9g/min(60l/min)
Gear Ratio: FREE 1:1(HIGH) 6:1(LOW)
Wire Rope Size: Φ3/8"×90'(Φ9.5mm×27m)
Synthetic Rope Size: Φ11/31"×100'(Φ9.0mm×30m)
Drum Size: Φ2.5"×8.4"(Φ63.5mm×215mm)
Gear Train: Planetary

LINE PULL AND LINE SPEED(1st layer of rope on the drum)(please use under when the max line pull is 8,000lbs,pressure is 175 bar and flow is 30l/min.)
Layer of Wire Rope Max Line Pull(1:1) Line Speed(1:1) Max Line Pull(6:1) Line Speed(6:1)
1 1,333lbs/650kgs 160FPM/49MPM 8,000lbs/3,629kgs 26.6FPM/8.1MPM
2 1,120lbs/500kgs 190FPM/58MPM 6,700lbs/3,030kgs 31.8FPM/9.7MPM
3 992lbs/450kgs 213FPM/65MPM 5,900lbs/2,670kgs 36FPM/11MPM
4 860lbs/390kgs 249FPM/76MPM 5,100lbs/2,310kgs 41FPM/12.5MPM
5 780lbs/354kgs 279FPM/85MPM 4,600lbs/2,080kgs 46.5FPM/14.2MPM

Over Center Valve         TA-0918
Coupling                        TA-0928
Mounting Hardware         
Handsaver Strap    
Wire Rope                      TA-0102
4 Way Roller Fairlead     TA-0903
Hook                              TA-0401
High Pressure Hose       TA-0929
Base Plate                     TA-0927

Winch weight : 42kgs/92.6lbs
Gross Weight : 47kgs/103.6lbs
Box Dimension : 570×245×305 mm(22.4"×9.6"×12")

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